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Zibo lung cheung tongfang energy-saving installation engineering co., LTD. Registered capital1200Wan,Mainly provide air source heat pump、Air can be、The central air conditioning、Heating engineering、Clean energy、Clean the heating、Energy conservation and environmental protection、Fresh air system design, etc、The installation、Maintenance。Companies relying on tsinghua tongfang artificial environment co., LTD. Will do the application and development of advanced technology industry specialization,Companies to actively participate in and promote government energy such as coal to electricity instead,To achieve energy consumption structure reform,For the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution,To contribute to improve air quality。
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  • Hard work and persistence

    Since1993In the first heat pump unit, tsinghua tongfang, was born,It has been more than 20 years。Twenty years ago,We start from scratch,Become the first batch of China's heat pump cause entrepreneurs。In twenty years,Our continuous exploration and efforts for the development of heat pump,Always walk at the forefront of China's energy conservation and emissions reduction cause。

  • Reliable product quality

    Four major industrial base:The complete research and monitoring system:Full life cycle of after-sales service guarantee。

  • Advanced energy saving technology

    Whole series of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products:The integration of energy-saving solutions:Rich experience in project construction operations。

  • Using the direct effect

    Create the warm and cool and comfortable environment;Achieve significant energy saving effect;Method for convenient operation。


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